PSA and other competitions

PSA and Other Competitions

Members of the F:67 Camera Club enjoy opportunities for image critique and competition that takes place at the monthly meetings. They also enjoy the club’s Annual Banquet and Salon where they have a chance to earn ribbons and trophies for their work. But there are also other opportunities to compete outside of our club.

The Northwest Council of Camera Clubs (NWCCC) is an umbrella organization of the major camera clubs in the Pacific northwest. It exists to promote those area camera clubs and “strives to improve camera club programs, raise the standard of accomplishment by camera club members, and keep the clubs in this area informed of the activities of neighboring
groups.” NWCCC offers a number of competitions throughout the year as well as at their annual convention. Our members may enter NWCCC competitions by virtue of the fact that the F:67 Camera Club is a member and supporter of NWCCC. More information is available at NWCCC’s website.

Many of our members are also members of other clubs which offers them additional opportunities to compete. A list of other such area clubs can be found on NWCCC’s website.

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is an organization “that was founded in 1934 to Promote the Arts and Sciences of Photography and to further public education therein.” It is not a camera club, but does offer competitions, study groups, and other activities and services that appeal to many members of camera clubs. Membership in PSA is open to both individuals and camera clubs. Some of our members have joined PSA as individuals so that they can compete in PSA’s competitions, take part in PSA study groups, and otherwise participate in PSA activities. The F:67 Camera Club is a club member of PSA which allows our club to collect and select images from our members and submit them for certain PSA competitions. The F:67 Camera Club has been a member of PSA since 1951. A certificate commerating 55 years of membership can be viewed here (144 KB PDF). PSA’s website can be viewed here.

More Information

Steve Fisher has written an article that describing in more detail some of the contests sposnored by NWCCC and PSA. It can be viewed as a 21 KB PDF file here.